SunWize Residential Power Systems created a solar financing program in California and Oregon. The program offers a loan up to $45,000 for solar installations with credit approval. It requires no payments or interest for 12 months, providing homeowners with enough time to receive the 30% federal tax credit for their solar system, use the credit to pay down the loan, and then start paying back the system.

This allows homeowners to save thousands in the first year of financing the solar system, increasing their return on investment. Currently, the solar return on investment is between 8-12 years.

At the end of 12 months, homeowners have the option to pay off the loan or convert it to a fixed-interest installment loan. The program is administered by Lyon Financial Services and funded by EnerBank USA.


Government programs are now allowing residential home owners to pay back their solar systems through a low-interest Property Asses Clean Energy (PACE) program. This links the loan with the  property, not the homeowner. This allows the solar system to be transferred from one homeowner to the next when the property is sold.

Programs such as PACE and government rebates, homeowners can install renewable energy without the large up-front capital investment. With renewable energy finally being affordable and energy rates set to continue rising, now is the best time to install solar.

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